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Pregnancy Massage

After being pregnant herself and finding few therapists with the necessary qualifications in pregnancy massage in her locality. Claire decided to complete her Diploma in Pregnancy Full Body & Abdominal Massage. After suffering the embarrassment of falling asleep in the beauty room in those last few, tiring weeks of pregnancy Claire dreamed up the idea of a mobile pregnancy massage service so that pregnant women could simply stay in there pyjamas and go back to bed after the massage. Claire is fully qualified in pregnancy massage and works closely with The Birth Sanctuary in Bolton, a private midwifery company who would be happy to offer a reference if required prior to the appointment. Standard massage differs from pregnancy massage as the acupressure points change with the changing shape of your body. There are also certain areas that should not be stimulated during pregnancy for example acupressure points between the thumb and forefinger. A therapist trained in pregnancy massage will know this and therefore not put you or your baby in danger.

Pregnancy massage takes place in various positions and you will be supported with the use of pillows. At no point will you be asked to lie flat on your back as this is not advised during pregnancy as it can put pressure on the vena cava. More importantly the massage will be tailored to you the individual to ensure that you are comfortable with all that we do.

Sports Injuries, Spinal pain, & Work related Injuries

Treatment of many sport, work related injuries, back and neck pain and other chronic conditions can be dealt with at the clinic in Hindley, Wigan. A full subjective history will be taken followed by a physical examination. This will enable a diagnosis to be given and then a treatment plan will be discussed with you. Treatment may include the following techniques.



* acupuncture

* electrotherapy

* exercise prescription

​* sports massage

​* referral to an appropriate expert if the condition presented is beyond our scope of practice.

Working Injury Management

​Sports Injury & Back Pain Clinic

"No need for make-up, no doing your hair. Just put your feet up and let me come to you"

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the manipulation of soft tissues and is tailored specific to the individuals needs. You do not need to be a sports person to benefit from sports massage. Indeed, many people in both physical and jobs involving static postures would benefit from this type of treatment. A 30 or 40 minute sports massage is available.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

 Improved circulation – this will ensure that vital nutrients and fluids are distributed to vital organs,most importantly the placenta, which will feed and aid the development of the baby.
Release muscular tension - this can often occur in the back, hips and shoulders due to postural changes and hormone release. Pregnancy massage can help to alleviate this and therefore help to reduce the discomfort of sciatica and symphysis pubis disorder (SPD).
Lymphatic Drainage – this will help to reduce swelling in the wrists and ankles which can be a contributory factor in carpal tunnel and tarsal tunnel syndrome.
Sluggish Bowel movement – constipation and haemorrhoids are a common unwanted side affect in pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can help improve this.
Induces deep relaxation – and deeper sleep (it is reported that women who sleep well during the last month of pregnancy have shorter labours.
Helps to lower blood pressure – some pregnant women suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy which can be harmful to mother and baby.
Reduces premature and low birth weight babies – this was recently reported in the Journal of Infant Behaviour Development (2009)
Can reduce post natal depression – even if pregnancy massage is take prior to given birth it can still have a positive effect on post-natal depression (Field et al; 2009; Journal of Infant Behaviour Development)